Juni 2021

29. Juni 2021

1Machine HeadBecome the FirestormArrows in Words from the Sky20210:05:05
2AnnihilatorPhantasmagoriaDouble Live Annihilation20030:04:44
3GojiraBorn For One ThingFortitude20210:04:26
4Killer Be KilledDeconstructing Self-DestructionReluctant Hero20200:04:33
5Light The TorchDenying the SinYou Will Be the Death of Me20210:03:32
6NordheimBoobs and BaconRapthor20170:03:29
7Cannibal CorpseInhumane HarvestViolence Unimagined20210:04:37
9SylvaticaPillars of LightAshes and Snow20210:05:50
10WhisperedHold the SwordShogunate Macabre20140:05:22
11Fit For A KingStockholmThe Path20200:02:30
12Beneath The VoidRebellion...Into Oblivion20210:04:07
13Les Chants de NihilEntropie des conquêtes éphémèresLe Tyran Et L'esthète20210:06:27

Moderation und Redaktion: Ralph Reichert und Andreas A. Köhler
Produktion und Sendetechnik: Ralph Reichert und Andreas A. Köhler

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