India Singapore Defence Cooperation Agreement

India-Singapore Defence Cooperation Agreement: Strengthening Bilateral Ties

India and Singapore, two Asian nations, have shared a long-standing relationship that is rooted in their history, culture, and economic ties. Over the years, the bilateral cooperation between the two nations has expanded to various areas, including defence. In November 2020, India and Singapore signed a comprehensive defence cooperation agreement, marking a significant milestone in their strategic partnership.

The India-Singapore Defence Cooperation Agreement (DCA) covers a wide range of areas, including military cooperation, joint exercises, defence industry collaboration, and technology transfer. The DCA aims to deepen defence ties between the two countries and enhance their capabilities in various domains, including counter-terrorism, cybersecurity, and maritime security.

Military Cooperation

Under the DCA, both countries agreed to increase their military cooperation by conducting joint military exercises, training, and exchange programmes. These joint exercises help in developing interoperability between the two armies and building mutual trust. The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) have been training in India`s military facilities for over a decade, and the DCA will further strengthen this partnership.

Defence Industry Collaboration

The DCA also seeks to promote defence industry collaboration between India and Singapore. Both countries have robust defence industries, and the agreement aims to explore opportunities for joint ventures, co-development, and co-production of defence equipment and technology.

Technology Transfer

The DCA also emphasises technology transfer, which will enable both countries to enhance their defence capabilities in various domains. Singapore`s expertise in cybersecurity and information technology can benefit India, while India`s expertise in aerospace and defence manufacturing can benefit Singapore.

Maritime Security

The India-Singapore relationship also underlines the importance of maritime security in the region. Both countries emphasise the need for freedom of navigation, respect for international law, and peaceful resolution of disputes. The DCA includes a focus on maritime security, including joint patrols, information-sharing, and cooperation in anti-piracy operations.


The India-Singapore Defence Cooperation Agreement marks a significant step towards strengthening the strategic partnership between the two nations. The DCA is a comprehensive agreement that covers various areas of defence cooperation, including military, defence industry, technology transfer, and maritime security. The agreement will deepen the defence ties between India and Singapore and enhance their capabilities in various domains. As both nations continue to grow and prosper, this partnership will play a vital role in ensuring peace and stability in the region.

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